Cold Brew Coffee Beans

Cold-brew coffee offers a uniquely crisp, aromatic, and robust flavor profile. It's smooth and refreshing—perfect for warm summer days or a revitalizing morning boost. The ideal coffee beans for cold brew are rich in aroma, smooth in taste, and provide a clean, refreshing finish.

For optimal extraction and to fully enjoy the subtle flavors, always use medium-coarse or coarse-ground coffee when preparing cold brew coffee at home.

Cafely's cold brew selection consists of whole coffee beans, which must be ground at home before brewing in cold water.


SaiGon OG Coffee (Robusta x Arabica X Peaberry)

The SaiGon OG Blend is an homage to the city's vibrant energy. It's a unique combination offering a bold but balanced flavor profile. The robusta provides a robust and intense foundation, while the arabica softens the blend with its smooth and nuanced notes. The addition of peaberry, known for its rich and concentrated flavors, adds an exquisite touch to this blend, making it perfect for those seeking a coffee as lively and dynamic as Saigon itself.


HaNoi Coffee (100% Robusta)

The HaNoi Blend, with 100% Vietnamese Robusta, is as authentic as it gets. It reflects Ha Noi's deep-rooted coffee culture and delivers a potent, earthy, and rich taste with a robust body and a lingering finish. This blend captures the essence of traditional Vietnamese coffee — strong, straightforward, and deeply satisfying, much like the city of Ha Noi.


BanMe Coffee (100% Peaberry Robusta)

Nestled in the heart of Vietnam's coffee region, Ban Mê (AKA Buôn Ma Thuột) is synonymous with strong coffee. This blend is a worthy tribute to the legacy of this region, crafted exclusively from 100% shade-grown peaberry robusta beans — a rare find that yields the strongest coffee in the world. This explosive blend captures the soul of Ban Mê's robust coffee culture, presenting a cup that's richly aromatic, full-bodied, and intensely caffeinated.


DaLat Coffee (100% Arabica)

Sourced from the high mountains of Vietnam, this Da Lat 100% arabica blend is a tribute to the region's serene beauty and flourishing coffee estates. Expect a smooth, refined cup with hints of fruit and floral undertones, capturing the essence of Da Lat's tranquil and romantic atmosphere.


FAQs: Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee involves steeping coarse-ground coffee with cold water for 18–24 hours. The cool water is less efficient at extracting heavier, more bitter, or astringent molecules from the beans — resulting in a brighter cup of concentrated coffee. Cold brew also has much lower acidity than conventional hot coffee.

Brewing cold brew coffee is simple — grind your beans (medium-coarse or coarse), mix with water (ratio of around 1:8 is ideal), seal and steep in the fridge for 24 hours. Once finished, strain using a French press, cheesecloth, or mesh strainer to remove the grounds.

Serve over ice, with milk or cream to your desired taste.

The best coffee beans to use for cold brew contain relatively high concentrations of aromatic elements. Very strong, bitter coffees should be avoided. We recommend our DaLat (100% Arabica), DaNang (50/50 robusta/arabica blend), or BanMe (100% Peaberry coffee).

Your cold brew should be left to steep for at least 18 hours — 24 hours is even better. Don’t let your cold brew steep longer than 36 hours.

Read the full guide to brewing cold brew coffee at home.

You can, but the resulting coffee won't taste very good. Most of the elements that contribute to coffee's good flavor are extracted during the first brew, leaving behind only the bitter, musty, and astringent elements for the second batch.

Cold brew coffee is made using only cold or lukewarm water, which is steeped for long periods of time. Iced coffee is brewed hot, but cooled down using ice. The flavors extracted from hot steeping (bold, intense, and slightly bitter) are different from the flavor profile of dedicated cold brew coffee (which is smoother and sweeter).

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Once brewed, cold brew coffee will keep for up to a week in the refrigerator if stored in an airtight container. Many people prepare cold brew coffee in large batches and drink it slowly throughout the rest of the week.

Yes, cold brew coffee generally contains higher concentrations of caffeine than regular coffee (about 15% higher). The long steeping process for this type of coffee tends to concentrate the caffeine from the coffee.