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Our international coffee collection takes you on a global adventure to savor the unique and captivating flavors of top-quality specialty coffees.


SaiGon OG Coffee (Robusta x Arabica X Peaberry)

The SaiGon OG Blend is an homage to the city's vibrant energy. It's a unique combination offering a bold but balanced flavor profile. The robusta provides a robust and intense foundation, while the arabica softens the blend with its smooth and nuanced notes. The addition of peaberry, known for its rich and concentrated flavors, adds an exquisite touch to this blend, making it perfect for those seeking a coffee as lively and dynamic as Saigon itself.


HaNoi Coffee (100% Robusta)

The HaNoi Blend, with 100% Vietnamese Robusta, is as authentic as it gets. It reflects Ha Noi's deep-rooted coffee culture and delivers a potent, earthy, and rich taste with a robust body and a lingering finish. This blend captures the essence of traditional Vietnamese coffee — strong, straightforward, and deeply satisfying, much like the city of Ha Noi.


DaNang Coffee (Arabica x Robusta)

Mirroring Da Nang's harmonious blend of traditional charm and modernity, this blend offers the best of both worlds. The equal mix of arabica and robusta beans results in a well-balanced cup with a medium body, combining the smoothness of arabica with the strength of robusta, much like the city's perfect blend of history and contemporary culture.


BanMe Coffee (100% Peaberry Robusta)

Nestled in the heart of Vietnam's coffee region, Ban Mê (AKA Buôn Ma Thuột) is synonymous with strong coffee. This blend is a worthy tribute to this region's legacy, crafted exclusively from 100% shade-grown peaberry robusta beans—a rare find that yields the strongest coffee in the world. This explosive blend captures the soul of Ban Mê's robust coffee culture, presenting a richly aromatic, full-bodied, and intensely caffeinated cup.


DaLat Coffee (100% Arabica)

Sourced from the high mountains of Vietnam, this Da Lat 100% arabica blend is a tribute to the region's serene beauty and flourishing coffee estates. Expect a smooth, refined cup with hints of fruit and floral undertones, capturing the essence of Da Lat's tranquil and romantic atmosphere.


Cafely's Coffee FAQs

Specialty coffee refers to coffee beans that have scored 80 points or above on a 100-point scale by certified coffee tasters. These coffees are known for their unique flavors and exceptionally high quality. They’re often (but not always) derived from unique microclimates around the world.

Cafely rigorously selects beans based on quality and unique flavor characteristics. Our coffee tasters travel all over the world in search of new specialty beans to offer in our shop. We work directly with growers and expert tasters to ensure every batch meets strict standards for specialty-grade quality.

Each region offers distinct flavors — Vietnamese coffees are typically very strong and robust; Colombian coffees are known for their mild, balanced flavor; Ethiopian coffees often have floral and fruity notes; and Guatemalan coffees are celebrated for their rich, chocolaty flavors and bright acidity.

The best brewing method depends on the specific coffee and personal preference. Our Vietnamese coffees are best prepared using a phin filter or AeroPress, but also works great in espresso machines.

Our Colombian and Ethiopian coffees do best in a pour-over style (such as the Hario V60 or Chemex brew systems), French press, or cold brew

Our Guatemalan coffee and Brazilian coffees work great in a moka pot or drip coffee maker.

Store coffee in an airtight container away from direct sunlight, moisture, and heat. The resealable bags Cafely coffee arrives in work perfectly for protecting the integrity and flavor of your beans — just make sure the bag is sealed after each use.

We’re proud to offer a happiness guarantee for all our products. Under this guarantee, any order you’re not completely satisfied with can be returned within 30 days for a full refund or exchange.

Contact our customer support team with your order number to initiate a return.

We’re based out of the United States, but will ship our coffee to customers all over the world. Shipping rates and times may vary, and some countries may require additional tax collected upon delivery.

The Cafely Difference

Other Brands
Organically Grown
Authentic Bold Taste
Single-Origin Specialty Coffee
Roasting Method Artisanal roast in small batches Mass production roast
Natural Energy Booster 120-150mg caffeine per cup 75–90 mg caffeine per cup
Flavor Profile Bold, smooth, creamy Inconsistent, sour, acidic, burnt
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 100% Happiness Guarantee