Vietnamese Harmony Coffee Trio
Vietnamese Harmony Coffee Trio

Excellent coffee trio

I call this bundle from Cafely “coffee for my moods.”. Sai Gon OG for the lazy mornings and I need a strong caffeine kick to wake me up LOL and Da Lat when I need something to just perk me up a bit. Their 50-50 blend of robusta and arabica (Da Nang) is great for morning coffee. The caffeine kick is just right. But if you ask me about the taste, for me the best tasting one is Sai Gon! 100% winner!

Sunny K.

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Vietnamese Harmony Coffee Trio

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Vietnamese Harmony Coffee Trio - Beans

Vietnamese Harmony Coffee Trio - Beans

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Sai Gon OG Our smoothest and most balanced coffee yet. This blend shares the potency of robusta with the aromatic complexity of arabica. We even add a little peaberry just to give it some extra kick. 

Da NangThis blend is split 50/50 with robusta and arabica coffee. It has a pleasant smooth flavor, slightly lower caffeine, and notes of hazelnut, maple syrup, and a touch of citrus. It’s an excellent all-rounder and is preferred for brewing coffee in the late afternoon.

Da LatThis blend is a testament to the brighter side of Vietnamese coffee. Direct from the lush and fertile central highlands, this 100% Vietnamese high-altitude arabica showcases the diversity of flavors this unique biome is capable of.

Dive into the vibrant world of Vietnamese coffee with Cafely’s OG Viet Trio, where every sip transports you to the heart of Vietnam’s coffee culture. Sourced from the finest coffee farms in Vietnam, this collection showcases the full spectrum Vietnamese coffee has to offer.

Grind it yourself with our whole bean option, or let us do it for you with the ground coffee option. All bags contain 12 oz (340 g) of premium Vietnamese coffee. 

For a truly authentic experience, we recommend brewing this coffee with a traditional Vietnamese Phin Filter — you can pick one up right here.

Complete coffee routine

Excellent coffee trio

I call this bundle from Cafely “coffee for my moods.”. Sai Gon OG for the lazy mornings and I need a strong caffeine kick to wake me up LOL and Da Lat when I need something to just perk me up a bit. Their 50-50 blend of robusta and arabica (Da Nang) is great for morning coffee. The caffeine kick is just right. But if you ask me about the taste, for me the best tasting one is Sai Gon! 100% winner!

Sunny K.

Verified Buyer

The Cafely Difference

Other Brands
Organically Grown
Authentic Bold Taste
Single-Origin Specialty Coffee
Roasting Method Artisanal roast in small batches Mass production roast
Natural Energy Booster 120-150mg caffeine per cup 75–90 mg caffeine per cup
Flavor Profile Bold, smooth, creamy Inconsistent, sour, acidic, burnt
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 100% Happiness Guarantee

What’s in Cafely Coffee

Highly Caffeinated

Our premium Coffea robusta beans boast 2X the caffeine of standard arabica, perfect for those seeking an extra edge.

Authentically Bold Flavor

Meticulously roasted with state-of-the-art equipment, our goal is to highlight the bold, robust flavors of OG Vietnamese coffee in every brew.

Chock-Full of Antioxidants

Coffee is an impressive source of antioxidants. These compounds have been shown to resist inflammation and reduce the risk of chronic health conditions.

Single-Origin Beans

All our beans are handpicked fresh from our partner farms in Vietnam. These partnerships ensure our beans maintain the highest quality and consistency possible.


When you drink Cafely coffee, you're contributing to a more sustainable and responsible coffee industry. We donate a portion of all profits to funds dedicated to protecting our planet.

Happy Farmers

We support and empower the farmers who work hard to deliver top-tier coffee by setting guaranteed minimum prices and investing in community development funds.

What We Stand For

We deliver an authentic Vietnamese coffee experience to those who, like us, are far from home and to introduce this rich tradition to coffee lovers around the world.

Uncompromising Quality
Uncompromising Quality

We refuse to compromise on quality. We believe life is too short for a bad cup of coffee. Every bean we ship has been carefully selected for quality, flavor, and conscience.

Brewing Beyond Borders
Brewing Beyond Borders

Our specialty is Vietnamese coffee, but we don't discriminate between the rich diversity of coffee types and flavors. In our shop, you can find both robusta, arabica, and blends available for purchase.

Empowering Farmers
Empowering Farmers

We exclusively source our beans from farms that prioritize fair wages, safe work environments, and sustainable farming practices.

Artisanal Blending
Artisanal Blending

Craftsmanship isn't exclusive to coffee beans; it extends to the art of tea blending as well. Our team of skilled artisans takes pride in creating harmonious blends that captivate the senses.

Green Initiatives
Green Initiatives

Our commitment extends to the planet. Partnering with Rainforest Trust, every purchase aids in combating climate change, supporting reforestation, and protecting vital ecosystems for a sustainable future.

Try Our Phin Filter!

The Phin filter is coffee's best-kept secret ☕️

Special Offer: Add one of our Phin filters to your order and save 15% on the cost of your coffee.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Da Lat is my favorite!

I’ve had the Harmony Trio and the Da Lat is by far my favorite. I make them in my Cuisinart and it’s perfect every time. Definitely recommend.

Excellent quality and packaging

High quality beans, excellent packaging.

Love this!

All our favorites in one bundle.

Husain A.M.
Good coffee.

A bit expensive for my taste, but great flavors!

Eugene O.
Strong trio

No issues with aroma & taste but quite strong for me.

Your Questions, Answered

Our Sai Gon blend produces a delicious cup of bold, rich, velvety coffee. It has a smooth, creamy aftertaste that lingers in the mouth for a few seconds after swallowing. This is our best-selling coffee.

Our Ha Noi blend has a darker, less nuanced taste, with notes of dark chocolate and malt. It’s one of the strongest coffees we offer (only second to the Ban Me blend).

Our Da Nang blend is less intense than Sai Gon and Ha Noi but has a more complex flavor profile with hints of toasted nuts, berries, citrus fruits, and the subtle sweetness of maple syrup.

Our Ha Noi blend is prepared with 100% Vietnamese-grown robusta. The caffeine content of robusta beans, when grown in lush, nutrient-rich soils in Vietnam, produces more than twice the amount of caffeine than regular coffee and up to 40% more caffeine than low-quality robusta. This blend is STRONG — don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Our coffees can be prepared with any brewing system you’d like — however, we recommend using either a Phin filter (top choice), French Press, AeroPress, drip coffee maker or espresso machine for the best-tasting coffee possible.

The only brewing method we advise avoiding with these coffees is the pour-over — this method is better for extracting the light, aromatic compounds from coffee, producing a lighter and brighter cup. The strength of Vietnamese-style coffees is their bold intensity — something you just can’t capture with pour-over systems.

You bet! We offer both versions to make your life as easy as possible. While it’s generally better to grind your coffee fresh, you need some specialty tools to do this properly. Our ground coffee tastes great and offers the most convenience. 

We use a fine grind for all our coffee — perfect for the Phin, AeroPress, moka pot, drip coffeemaker, and espresso. If you’re brewing with a French press we recommend getting the whole beans and grinding to a coarse-grind yourself at home.

All three coffees in this bundle come in 12-ounce bags (340 grams). We also carry 5 lb bags, but these need to be ordered individually.

The phin filter is the traditional brewing method used by the Vietnamese people. It consists of a small metal cup with a reusable metal filter on the bottom, an insertable gravity press to ensure the grounds are evenly distributed prior to brewing, and a lid to keep the heat in.

This brewing system is the best option for pulling out the strong, bold, concentrated flavors of traditional Vietnamese coffee, doesn’t require filters or special euquipment, and are cheap to buy. A good phin filter will last a lifetime.

→ Check out our phin brewing guide here.

Our coffee will remain fresh for up to 3 months if unopened. We use bags with a special freshness seal and air exchange to ensure the beans remain in a low-oxygen environment, while allowing CO2 to offgas as the coffee ages. Once opened, try to consume your coffee within a month for optimal flavor. Always seal the bag after using, and store in a cool, dry, and dark location.

Don’t leave our coffee sitting in a hot window or in the fridge where it can absorb undesirable odors and moisture.

Yes! We ship worldwide. Just keep in mind there could be extra duties and taxes that are out of Cafely’s control depending on where you live.