Robusta Beans

Coffea robusta beans are prized for their bold and intense flavor, making them the ideal choice for coffee lovers seeking a robust, full-bodied, and highly caffeinated coffee experience.

Sourced from the lush central highlands of Vietnam, Cafely’s robusta beans are known for their high caffeine content and robust flavor. These beans are the perfect choice for espresso lovers or those making Vietnamese-style coffee.


BanMe Coffee (100% Peaberry Robusta)

Nestled in the heart of Vietnam's coffee region, Ban Mê (AKA Buôn Ma Thuột) is synonymous with strong coffee. This blend is a worthy tribute to this region's legacy, crafted exclusively from 100% shade-grown peaberry robusta beans—a rare find that yields the strongest coffee in the world. This explosive blend captures the soul of Ban Mê's robust coffee culture, presenting a richly aromatic, full-bodied, and intensely caffeinated cup.


HaNoi Coffee (100% Robusta)

The HaNoi Blend, with 100% Vietnamese Robusta, is as authentic as it gets. It reflects Ha Noi's deep-rooted coffee culture and delivers a potent, earthy, and rich taste with a robust body and a lingering finish. This blend captures the essence of traditional Vietnamese coffee — strong, straightforward, and deeply satisfying, much like the city of Ha Noi.


The Cafely Difference

Other Brands
Organically Grown
Authentic Bold Taste
Single-Origin Specialty Coffee
Roasting Method Artisanal roast in small batches Mass production roast
Natural Energy Booster 120-150mg caffeine per cup 75–90 mg caffeine per cup
Flavor Profile Bold, smooth, creamy Inconsistent, sour, acidic, burnt
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 100% Happiness Guarantee

FAQs: Coffea Robusta Beans

Robusta beans typically have a stronger, more assertive flavor, with a higher caffeine content and less acidity than arabica coffee. Robusta is also much more resilient to droughts, lower altitudes, poor soil conditions, and climate change.

We source all of our robusta from dedicated farms in the lush central highlands of Vietnam.

Robusta beans excel in brewing methods that highlight their boldness and body, such as espresso, phin filters, moka pots, or Turkish coffee. They also work great in blends with arabica to boost the energizing qualities of coffee and add additional depth of flavor. Robusta-arabica blends can be brewed using a French press, AeroPress, drip coffeemaker, or espresso machine.

Yes, robusta beans work well for making cold brew coffee at home, but the flavor is much stronger, bolder, and has a higher caffeine kick than arabica-based cold brews.

Keep your robusta beans in an airtight container at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and moisture. We recommend keeping your Cafely robusta coffee in the resealable bag it arrives in. For long-term storage (more than 3 months), you may keep the unopened package in the freezer.

Vietnam has the perfect climate for brewing high-grade robusta coffee. Over many generations, the Vietnamese have figured out the best way to prepare this coffee. They prepare it using a slow, immersion-style brewer called the phin filter — which maximizes the bold flavors of this punchy coffee. The brew is then poured over ice to cool and mixed with condensed milk to balance the flavors of the coffee.

As part of Cafely’s happiness guarantee, we’ll provide a full refund within 30 days for any order you aren’t completely happy with. Contact our customer service team with your order number to process the return.