Medium-Roast Coffee

Explore Cafely’s selection of premium medium roast coffees (AKA city roast, American roast, and breakfast roast). 

We select our medium-roast coffees based on a particular flavor profile and harvest quality, which are then carefully roasted at 410ºF until the beans develop a rich golden brown color. We wait until the beans are just about to pop for the second time before removing them from the oven.

Medium roasts highlight the more nuanced, fruity, and caramel notes characteristic of these balanced coffees.

We also offer dark roast and light roast coffees.

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FAQs: Medium-Roast Coffee

Medium roast coffee falls right in between light and dark roasts. At Cafely, our medium roast coffees are roasted until the beans are about to release their oils (the second crack). This style of roast enhances and balances the coffee's aromatic and bold flavors — producing a coffee that's both slightly acidic but with a full body.

Medium-roast coffee generally has a slightly higher caffeine content than dark roast and slightly less than light roast. The moderate roasting time preserves many of the beans' natural caffeine content without causing it to break down (thus making the coffee weaker).

Medium-roast coffee is the most versatile choice — it can be enjoyed using any brewing method. 

If you like the bolder, more robust flavors in your coffee, opt for the traditional phin filter, moka pots, French press, AeroPress, or espresso brewing methods.

If you prefer the brighter, cleaner, more acidic flavors, go for a drip coffeemaker, pour over styles like Chemex or Hario V60, or siphon brewing instead.

Medium-roast coffee also works perfectly for cold brew coffee.

Yes, while traditionally espresso is made with dark roast coffee, medium roast coffee can also be used to make espresso, particularly for those who enjoy a lighter, more nuanced espresso flavor profile that allows the coffee's natural characteristics to be more prominent.

Store medium roast coffee in an airtight container away from light and moisture to maintain its freshness. The original packaging from Cafely is ideal as it is designed to preserve the flavors.