Pre-order Terms & Conditions

These Pre-Order Guidelines (“Guidelines”) establish the protocol for placing pre-orders ("Pre-Order") with Cafely (“we,” “us,” or “Cafely”) for our range of coffee products and related accessories ("Products"). It's important to review these Guidelines thoroughly before you proceed with your Pre-Order of any Cafely Products. Your submission of a Pre-Order signifies your acceptance of and agreement to abide by these terms.

1. Pre-Order Process

In the process of pre-ordering Cafely Products, you must provide specific details such as your shipping address and payment information. It is your responsibility to ensure this information is correct and current. Cafely will not be liable for any consequences resulting from erroneous or outdated information and is not obligated to seek updated details. Should you need to make any changes to your information, please do so by contacting us at before your product is dispatched.

We reserve the right to limit or postpone Pre-Orders to manage demand or for other operational reasons. We aim to notify you of any such changes within two weeks of receiving your Pre-Order, with a full refund guarantee if your order cannot be fulfilled.

2. Payment Terms

The total cost, including shipping fees, for the Pre-Order Products is charged at the time of the Pre-Order. If we are unable to start shipping the Products within a year of the Pre-Order date, a complete refund will be issued.

3. Order Sequence

Pre-order products are processed in the sequence they are received. This sequence does not guarantee a specific numbering for your Products. Cancellation or forfeiture of your Pre-Order will result in your spot being passed to the next customer in line.

4. Shipping & Delivery

While we endeavor to start shipping products as soon as possible, there may be delays. The estimated delivery date is just that — an estimate, which is subject to change. Cafely is not liable for any losses caused by shipping delays. Regular updates on delivery schedules will be provided. If at any point you choose not to wait further for your product, you have the option to cancel your pre-order as outlined in section 6.

Orders that include both pre-order and in-stock items will be dispatched when the final pre-order item is ready for shipment.

Learn more about Cafely’s shipping policy.

5. Payment Requirements

Payment in full is required at checkout, inclusive of applicable taxes and shipping fees, to avoid delivery delays.

6. Order Cancellation

Products marked as non-cancellable or non-refundable on the product page are not eligible for cancellation or refund.

Due to their nature of being allocated or made-to-order, pre-orders cannot be reversed once initiated with the manufacturer or distributor.

Nevertheless, some Pre-Order items may be canceled and refunded before they are shipped. Requests for cancellation after shipping are not viable and are considered a final sale unless the item is defective.

We maintain a flexible cancellation policy to accommodate unforeseen changes. However, frequent cancellations will be flagged, and customers with a high cancellation rate (50% or above) may be restricted from future Pre-Orders.

For cancellation requests, please contact us at and provide your name and order number.

7. Limitation of Liability

Cafely will not be responsible for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages linked to this agreement. If liable for any damages, the maximum compensation will be a complete refund of your purchase, excluding interest.

8. Sales Terms

Purchases are bound by additional terms, including those related to any software in the Products or the intellectual property of the Products. These terms, available at the checkout page footer, are subject to change.

9. Customer Information

Information collected about you will be used in accordance with our privacy policy.

10. Disclaimer

Cafely makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the prototype product displayed before or after the Pre-Order is placed. The final product may differ significantly from the prototype. Should you be dissatisfied with the final product, your exclusive remedy is to cancel your Pre-Order as outlined in section 6.

11. Amendment of Terms

Cafely reserves the right to amend these Guidelines. We will notify you of any significant changes. If you are unsatisfied with these changes, you may cancel your Pre-Order as described in section 6.