Energy Gummies

Never miss a beat. Take your coffee on the go with Cafely’s convenient, delicious, and energizing coffee-infused energy gummies.

Our gummies are carefully formulated to provide a precise dose of 75 mg of caffeine each, for a total of 225 mg per pack. Formulated in 3 distinct flavors — Authentic Vietnamese milk coffee (with real milk), dairy-free coconut coffee, and classic black coffee.

Whether you're on the go, at work, or simply craving a tasty treat, our coffee gummies are the ideal sack for the modern-day dynamo.

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Coffee Gummies FAQs

Our gummies are standardized to deliver precisely 75 mg of coffee-derived caffeine per piece. This is equivalent to 1 standard espresso shot. With 3 gummies per pack, that's a total dose of 225 mg of caffeine (more than double the amount delivered in two cups of coffee).

Each box contains either 5 or 10 packs, with 3 gummies each for a total of 15 or 30 individual gummies.

Our Black and Coconut Coffee gummies are entiurely dairy-free. However, in order to maintain the authentic Vietnamese milk coffee taste, our milk coffee gummies are made with real milk and are not suitable for people with dairy or lactose sensitivities.

You bet! We’re meticulous about the taste and quality of our gummies. We use a cold brew extraction process to pull the distinct and complex flavors from our premium Vietnamese coffee beans. This is then spray-dried and infused into the gummies fresh. We don’t use any caffeine isolate or any artificial flavorings for any of our gummies.

Our coffee gummies are long-lasting. Most of our customers report effects ranging from 3–5 hours. Several factors can affect the duration of effects, including genetics, metabolism, caffeine sensitivity, and diet.

Yes! Our coffee gummies are designed to provide your caffeine fix on the go, making them a perfect replacement for your morning coffee. We've split each pack into 3 doses so you can choose to take all at once for a strong kick as you head out the door or space them out for all-day energy.

Our dairy-free coconut coffee gummies (Black Coffee & Coconut Coffee versions) are vegan-friendly. However, our traditional Vietnamese Milk Coffee gummies contain milk extract and are not suitable for vegans.

Cafely strives to use the lowest amount of sugar in all our products and refrain from adding sugar to anything we don’t have to. These gummies contain less than half the sugar of comparable gummies, with a total of just 2 grams per piece.

Cafely offers a variety of premium coffee products to suit every taste, including, but not limited to, these travel-friendly coffee gummies. We carry a range of ready-to-drink cold brew coffees matching the flavor of our gummies — an authentic Vietnamese Milk Coffee Cold Brew, a dairy-free, low-sugar Coconut Coffee Cold Brew, and an adaptogen-enhanced Vietnamese Black Coffee canned coffee.