Ready to Drink Cold Brew Cans

Discover the convenience of bold, caffeinated Vietnamese coffee on the go with Cafely’s RTD (Ready-to-Drink) Cold Brew collection.

Crafted from premium beans and infused with both time-honored and novel flavors, each can delivers a harmonious fusion of taste, potency, and convenience.

From the robust character of the Highlands Classic Brew, the adaptive vigor of our Boost Blend, and the velvety richness of Egg Foam to the mellow allure of our Coconut Brew — there's a flavor journey awaiting in every sip.

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The Cafely Difference

Other Brands
Authentic Bold Taste
Organically Grown
Dairy-Free Options Maybe
Made With Robusta Beans
Caffeine Content 225 mg 50–180 mg
Sugar Content 0–2 grams Up to 40 grams
No Preservatives
Family-Owned Business Large corporation
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 100% Happiness Guarantee

Cafely Cold Brew Canned Coffee FAQs

Our RTD coffees are designed to provide the most authentic, unapologetically bold flavors of traditional Vietnamese coffee with the convenience of a grab-and-go format. 

Our unique recipes minimize the need for sugar, without compromising on taste. Our development team spent months perfecting the formula so we could create products that taste delicious but don’t overload us with sugar or artificial ingredients. We want our RTDs to be a guilt-free indulgence for coffee-lovers around the world.

All of our RTD coffees are crafted with no added sugar — however, a few products contain ingredients that naturally contain some sugars. If you’re looking for a completely sugar-free RTD coffee, check out our Classic Black Cold Brew RTD. For products made with no added sugar, check out our Vietnamese Milk Coffee or our Coconut Cold Brew Coffee.

You bet! Both our Classic Black Cold Brew and Coconut Cold Brew RTDs are completely dairy-free.

Cafely RTD coffees are best enjoyed chilled. Drink straight out of the can or pour over ice for a more traditional feel. Our black coffee comes only lightly sweetened and blends well with condensed milk, ice, or cocktail recipes.

Our RTD coffees are shelf-stable, and will remain fresh for up to 18 months after manufacturing. We recommend storing Cafely RTDs in the fridge to maximize freshness.

All our coffee beans are sourced directly from small family-owned farms in Vietnam. We’re proud to offer a variety of different Vietnamese coffee varieties, including peaberry robusta (Culi coffee), Catmore, Catui, and more.

Yes, our RTD coffees contain 225 to 300 mg of caffeine per can. This is equivalent to 3–4 shots of espresso or 2–3 standard cups of black coffee (12 oz cups). This provides a more substantial energy boost to get you through tough mornings.

No, our RTD coffees are free from artificial ingredients and preservatives. We use only natural flavors and sweeteners to maintain the purest taste and quality. We rely primarily on an organic monk fruit extract to provide the rounded sweetness inherent to Vietnamese coffee.