Light Roast Coffee Beans

Our selection of light roast coffee was chosen for its unique nuance of flavors and aromatics. This roasting level highlights the unique characteristics of the coffee's origin — often resulting in a more complex, vibrant cup with pronounced acidic and fruity notes. 

We recommend brewing these coffees with a pour-over or AeroPress to capture the best expression of flavors and aromatics.

We also carry medium roast and dark roast coffees for those who like a little more body in their brew.

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FAQs: Light Roast Coffee

Light roast coffees are only roasted for a short period of time. The beans are removed shortly after the first crack, right as they begin to darken in color. The resulting cup is much brighter, with a noticeable acidity and vibrant flavor profile. This roast level is preferred for showcasing subtle nuances in coffee beans from around the world.

Light roast coffee exhibits a wide range of flavors, depending on where it was grown and which post-harvest processing was used. Most light roasts display bright, acidic flavors, as well as sweet and fruity undertones. Some beans have a floral, berry, or citrus aspect to them.

For something a little more exotic, check out our selection of flavored coffees.

Light roast coffees have a milder body and brighter flavor profile, but are generally not as strong as dark roast in terms of flavor.

The caffeine content of light roast coffee tends to be higher than medium or dark roasts because the extra heat used to prepare these coffees destroys some of the caffeine by the time it’s finished.

Light roast coffee can be brewed using any system but generally works best with methods that allow for a more controlled extraction. We recommend using a pour-over brewer (for example, the Hario V60 or Chemex systems) or an AeroPress. These brewing methods do a better job of highlighting the intricate flavors of light roast coffees without over-extracting and becoming too acidic.

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