Single-Origin Coffee

Cafely’s single-origin coffees are all carefully selected from regions known for their quality and unique flavor characteristics.

From Vietnam's volcanic highlands to Colombia's cloud forests, we select, test, and roast each bean to perfection. We choose which roast level to use based on which profile will best highlight the coffee's distinctive flavors and aromas.

Explore single-origin coffees from Guatemala, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Sumatra, Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Costa Rica, and more.


SaiGon OG Coffee (Robusta x Arabica X Peaberry)

The SaiGon OG Blend is an homage to the city's vibrant energy. It's a unique combination offering a bold but balanced flavor profile. The robusta provides a robust and intense foundation, while the arabica softens the blend with its smooth and nuanced notes. The addition of peaberry, known for its rich and concentrated flavors, adds an exquisite touch to this blend, making it perfect for those seeking a coffee as lively and dynamic as Saigon itself.


HaNoi Coffee (100% Robusta)

The HaNoi Blend, with 100% Vietnamese Robusta, is as authentic as it gets. It reflects Ha Noi's deep-rooted coffee culture and delivers a potent, earthy, and rich taste with a robust body and a lingering finish. This blend captures the essence of traditional Vietnamese coffee — strong, straightforward, and deeply satisfying, much like the city of Ha Noi.


DaNang Coffee (Arabica x Robusta)

Mirroring Da Nang's harmonious blend of traditional charm and modernity, this blend offers the best of both worlds. The equal mix of arabica and robusta beans results in a well-balanced cup with a medium body, combining the smoothness of arabica with the strength of robusta, much like the city's perfect blend of history and contemporary culture.


DaLat Coffee (100% Arabica)

Sourced from the high mountains of Vietnam, this Da Lat 100% arabica blend is a tribute to the region's serene beauty and flourishing coffee estates. Expect a smooth, refined cup with hints of fruit and floral undertones, capturing the essence of Da Lat's tranquil and romantic atmosphere.


BanMe Coffee (100% Peaberry Robusta)

Nestled in the heart of Vietnam's coffee region, Ban Mê (AKA Buôn Ma Thuột) is synonymous with strong coffee. This blend is a worthy tribute to the legacy of this region, crafted exclusively from 100% shade-grown peaberry robusta beans — a rare find that yields the strongest coffee in the world. This explosive blend captures the soul of Ban Mê's robust coffee culture, presenting a cup that's richly aromatic, full-bodied, and intensely caffeinated.


FAQs: Single-Origin Coffee

Single-origin coffees are sourced from a single geographical location — often a specific farm or region. This type of coffee is valued for its specific, unique flavor profiles, which reflect the soil, climate, and elevation unnique to its origin.

Single-origin coffee allows you to experience the distinct taste and aroma characteristics of coffees from different parts of the world. Buying single-origin beans is also a great way to support small farmers who focus on the quality of their coffee over quantity. Most store-bought coffees contain a blend of beans from large distributors that prioritize quantity over quality.

We work alongside professional coffee tasters to decide which roast level will bring out the best in each bean. Our central and South American coffees work best with a light roast or medium roast. In contrast, our Brazilian robusta and Vietnamese coffees tend to work better as a dark roast.

Absolutely! Single-origin coffees can be brewed just like any other coffee — any brewing method will do the trick. 

That said, most experts agree that darker roasts tend to produce the best espresso shots. Rather than looking for a specific origin to buy for your espresso machine, we recommend looking at the roast level instead. Medium works fine, but medium-dark and dark are generally preferred.

Yes, but only slightly. Growing conditions, such as amount and intensity of sunlight, elevation, soil conditions, and humidity levels can all impact the amount of caffeine a coffee will produce. With single-origin coffees, these subtle nuances will translate through to the final bean.

With that said, the difference in caffeine content from coffee grown in the hot, sunny, low-altitude climate of Sumatra won’t be much different from coffee grown in the cool, high-altitude mountains of Colombia.

As per our happiness guarantee, we offer full refunds on any orders within 30 days of purchase. Our #1 priority is to provide customers with coffee that delights and satisfies. To initiate a refund, simply contact our customer service team with your order number.

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